Sunday, October 18, 2009


There are winds of change blowing in the Thorson House! I am changing jobs - actually changing careers!! Don't worry if you are shocked - most everyone has been! My job as an Assistant Principal has been challenging and rewarding. I have been in this position for 5 years. For the last few months, I have felt the yearning for a change. Not just a change for me, but for my girls. The general public seems to think that educators have it easy - I mean who else gets off in the summer ? (Every educator reading this is saying, whatever!!!) I knew the Lord gave me this job, and I certainly wasn't going to leave it without Him!!

Things changed about 2 and a half weeks ago. A phone call started a very swift process that I never expected. Stewart and I have prayed and prayed, and to be honest, I tried to prove that this actually WASN'T God's will!! It became very obvious very quickly that this indeed was God's next step for my life.

This past Friday, I broke the news to my teachers that effective November 6, I was resigning. It was SO bittersweet. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is God's path for me right now, but I love those teachers and they have been my family through the darkest days of my life. It's hard to think about not seeing them everyday! The way my leave is working out, I actually will only be in the school one more day - this Friday. Wild how your world can turn around, isn't it??

What am I going to be doing??? I am going to work for ALFA Insurance. I actually worked there in college and my mother has been an agent in Scottsboro for many years. I start my training on November 3rd. The hitch - it's in MONTGOMERY!! FOR FIVE WEEKS!!! It's not quite as bad as it sounds. Most weeks are 4 day weeks, and I think I've got a pretty good system worked out to only be away from home for 3 nights a week. Calling all grandparents - Stewart is going to need you!!!! After training, this position will help me have much more flexibility with my schedule which I know will be much appreciated by my family!

More on my new position soon :)

Winds of change are blowing - trusting that the Lord will prosper us in this new endeavor!

Here is a link to our school blog. My principal posted a sweet good-bye for the parents.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I've been in Pensacola with The Kellys today. We didn't stay long-they have a huge support system of friends and family, but I just had to go hug someone. Check Kensley's blog for full updates, but she has had an AWESOME day.

A close friend of ours told Melissa this week that as he was praying, God let him know that he had sent the angels to watch over Kensley. She was telling me this while the two of us were whispering over Kensley and holding her hands. I'm telling you I almost looked around expecting to see them the feeling was so strong. All day I could picture angels encamping around her protecting her until God was finished touching her little body.

About an hour after we left, Dustin (Daddy) sent me this picture. This is Kensley and her brother Konnor. Have you ever seen a cell phone pick up these kind of details?? I haven't. Here's proof of those angels :)

Maybe one is Olivia. Amy, maybe one is Melissa. I hope so :) It would be an honor.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook | UPDATE - Friday, September 16 - 3:30 PM

Facebook UPDATE - Friday, September 16 - 3:30 PM:

Sorry I've gone all day without posting the updates!

Kensley is doing awesome!!! The ventilator is turned down to zero and there is lots of talk of taking her off very soon and removing the drain. Of course the doctors are being cautious and want to wait until the right time! She is still moving around some.

We are on are way down to see them in just a bit. There is still talk of a transfer to Birmingham next week. Also, the doctor has warned against lots of crowds because of over-stimulation and germs. I think they are starting to realize the ENORMOUS numbers of people who love her and are praying for her!

I hope to have new information when we get there, and maybe a new picture of the diva! Maybe we'll get to see those pretty green eyes soon!

There is a video of Kensley on my FB page that I can't seem to get over to the blog. If you friend me, you can see it :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


From Dustin (Daddy)- They are clamping off some of the tubes in Kensley's head. She is moving around and has opened her right eye. She is breathing "big time" over the vent (his words :). If she continues to improve they are considering transferring her to Birmingham next Wednesday!!!!

Praise the Lord!!!

Keep up the prayers-the road is still long and winding, but God is obviously travelling ahead and smoothing the way!!!

Love to all :)

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Praying for Kensley!

Many of you have now seen and read about our friends, the Kellys. We have created a blog site dedicated to information regarding Kensley's condition. Please visit it frequently along with the Facebook page. I have added a button to the side of my site if anyone is interested in making donations to the family. They are expected to be in Pensacola for a month or more. One can only imagine the costs that will accumulate from living and travelling expenses, not to mention missed work wages.

Thank you for all of your prayers - we are BELIEVING in miracles!!!


BTW - feel free to copy my button on the side and add it to your blog!

Happy Fall Break!

LOTS of events in our house last week! We started with a quick trip to the Smokies. Continued with Abby's surgery on Monday. It was pretty extensive, but she was a real trooper! I know the prayers of our friends and family helped her have a speedy recovery. We spent the rest of the week trying to find fun, "non-jumping" activities! All this along with the tragic wreck of our friends, the Kellys. Please read more about them in my next post.

We had our official Daisy Scout Investiture ceremony tonight. I'm so glad no one caught on fire!!! Lots of pictures :)

This is Ellie Kate's, "DUH - I HATE shoes" look! We spent the whole weekend trying to keep with the shoes she threw off until I finally gave into my redneck roots :)
Did someone say #2??? ROLL TIDE!

Abby and Stewart turning my kitchen into a science lab thanks to Chik Fil A kids meal prizes. Great activity for a "non-jump" day!

Official Daisy Scout and no one got burnt - WHEW!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


These are our very special friends - The Kelly's. Dustin, Melissa, Kensley (6) and Konnor (7)

Last night on their way from Disney to Gulf Shores, they were in a tragic accident on I10. The car they were driving hydroplaned and hit a culvert. The kids were thrown from the vehicle and Dustin and Melissa were trapped. After a long night, Dustin, Melissa and Konnor have been released. They are all very banged up and sore with a variety of stitches, bruises, etc.
Kensley needs all the prayers you have to send. She has a traumatic brain injury, has had surgery to stop the bleeding on the brain, and is now on a breathing tube in a "wait and see" mode. There is a subdural hematoma that they hope will subside and they are also watching to see if additional swelling will occur. This is a precious angel in th sight of God. I know He holds all in his hands, but please help us pray for Kensley's swift recovery, no lasting side effects, and comfort for the family.

Here is a link to their family blog; however it is not being updated right now. This is also a link to a news story showing the car. God was certainly watching over them as I'm sure He still is now!