Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ellie Kate LOVES Barney!! Actually, although we'd love to say he's annoying, he really does teach really good things - be nice to others, follow the rules and love each other! I can tolerate him WAY more than Yo Gabba Gabba these days! He's been around forever, but I heard he was coming to Chattanooga so off we went dragging Mimi along with us (you know I didn't drag, she begged to go :)) Ellie Kate LOVED it, and actually Abby did too! She said she was embarrassed to go because it was "baby", but I knew she secretly still liked it. She was dancing with the rest before it was all over!! FUN!

IMG 1522

IMG 1520

Abby pretending to be embarrassed to be there!

IMG 1551

IMG 1528 IMG 1516

IMG 1502

IMG 1496

Friday, March 25, 2011

OWLSome Readers

Abby's school had a program recently to encourage the kids to read. It was called OWLSome readers because our mascot is an owl :) There was a performance by the first grade in which Abby had a speaking part with a big kick-off pep rally to get the kids fired up to read. They had 6 weeks to read as many books as they could. I really didn't know what to expect. When I asked Abby what her goal was, she said 500!! WHAT?!? That's at least 30 books per week!! Come to find out this was the highest incentive level, and she wanted to do the most! For each book (chapter, story, etc.) read, I had to fill out the information on a paper chain which they hung in the halls. When it was all said and done, she did it! 518 books in 6 weeks!! The first graders totaled over 18,000 books in 6 weeks!!!

IMG 1328

IMG 1322

Abby's BFF, Natalie

IMG 1325

Abby was a "camp leader" in the program. Check out all the owls - one of the mom's at school made these - super cute!!

IMG 1330

After the program, they held a pep rally to get the kids excited. The band came from HCMS along with drum line leader, Abby's idol, Courtney Terry!! Love you Court Court!!

IMG 1331

IMG 1336

IMG 1341

We have been so blessed with teachers, and this year is no exception. Mrs. Kachelman is such a blessing!!

IMG 1343

Huntsville City School Board Chairman, Topper Birney, came and read a book to the kids. This is most of Abby's class.
IMG 1479

518 books and chains later, OWLSome readers was a HUGE success!!!!