Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank GOD for the rainbows!!!

So much to much to catch up on.....but right now just SO thankful beyond words that the Lord has looked down and given our friends the rainbow they've been waiting for!!! The news is still developing but CRYMSON IS HOME!!!!!! (Read here if you are clueless to what this means :))

Tonight was one of those times when you KNEW God had a plan and FELT it to the core of your soul! Rejoice is all I can say!!!

Rainbows are precious. I never thought about it this way until this post from Amy. These words described everything I felt after we lost Olivia and then were surprised by Ellie Kate but couldn't put into words. This post helped me wrap my brain around all the conflicting emotions I was drowning in at the time. Ever since then, rainbows are our "thing". Storms may come, but they bring the rainbows. In just about everything in life - this holds true. I remember posting to Crystal that surely God had a rainbow for them in some way...............

Thank GOD for the rainbows!! They are even sweeter after storms.........

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Recap

Labor Day Recap - we played, we ate, we enjoyed family and friends, and we're TIRED!!! :)

Awesome weekend - can we have 3 day weekends ALL the time???

Playing with friends at Monte Sano Park

Poor Grayson - not sure if he was crying before or after EK came to check on him :)

Abby and Kennedy (her Mom blogs here :))

EK's BFF - Griffin

Are you ready for some football????? Didn't break out the cute girl outfits this weekend but they're coming!!

Chilling out at Mimi and Papaw's

Getting kisses from Nana

Mimi starting piano lessons early

Another microphone hog - anyone surprised??

Monday Stewart and Abby went to see the final day of the Star Wars exhibit at the Space and Rocket center. What did me and EK do?? Why, climb on tables of course! Isn't that what everyone does??

Seriously - this kid is the light of my life one second and my worse nightmare the next!!! Terrible twos have hit with a vengeance. If it can be gotten into - it is. If it can be put in her mouth and swallowed - it is. If there is ANYTHING that she shouldn't get, she will find it instantly!! I found out today that she left some lovely teeth marks on another classmate at MDO :( :(
I'm going tomorrow to beg for forgiveness and ask them to PLEASE help me teach her human ways verses that of a chimpanzee (which she closely resembles in actions sometimes :)

Love me some EK, but whew.......don't offer to babysit this one unless you MEAN IT!!

Pink Panthers

YEAH ABBY!! Tonight was the debut of the Eastern League U8 Pink Panthers!! They didn't score the most goals of the evening (insert wink), but they played hard and did an outstanding job! Abby has never played soccer before and actually scored her first goal!! (That could be up for review since there was a MOB around the ball before it rolled in, but she thinks it was her foot that placed the final kick, and I'll go along with that!!)

Check out the cutie! LOTS of pics - I got a new camera and was having TONS of fun playing around with it (sorry to rub it in Drea :( )

Abby playing defense - what do I do??

I'm pretty sure there's not supposed to be sassiness on the soccer field!

#1 Fan :)

OOhhh......dirt!! Tell me Moms - how do you get this lovely red mud out??