Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hamster, Hamster Where Is Your Wheel??

I'll tell you where it is - I'M ON IT!!! I can't believe it's been a month since I posted!! I won't bore you with the mundane, busy busy, no time, talk. I just re-read my last couple of posts and it seems the whiny/too busies are a theme for me this summer!!!

We've had TONS going on! Nothing super exciting, but LOTS! We just got back from Destin from our first Alfa trip! It was great! I remember Alfa trips as a kid, but there was something cool about knowing we were there because I earned it :) Praise the Lord - that's all I can say! I go to work, work my tail off, come home to wild children, go crazy for a few hours trying to get things done, and then lay in the bed thinking of all I didn't do, should do, or could do! I keep telling myself that change is hard, it will get easier, etc..........it will, I know it - but WOW what a transition! All in all - LOVE IT!

Stewart is crazy busy, as ALL educators are right now. Whoever says, "Well you get off all summer" should be horse whipped!! He's been working 14 hour days, going to class in Gadsden, and other random things. Tonight Abby looked at me and said, "Where IS Daddy? I haven't seen him since I was 5!!" It's almost a true statement!

Here are tons of pictures - I wish there were more - got to do better with that! Maybe a new camera and time and talent to know how to Photo Shop :) Ahhh....add it to the list! We did enlist a professional photographer to take some pictures of the whole fam while we were there......this is while we waited on her to get there. Still waiting to see proofs......

No vacation in our family is complete without a trip to The Track!

We have this same picture with Dad and Abby over every year of her life - couldn't leave EK out :)

Another try for beach shots :) Abby took this one of me and Stew - it's basically the only picture of me.......hummm.........

EK's new favorite - "Kiss on Lips!!"
My brave Abby decided to ride a VERY tall zip line!! I thought she was too young, I thought she'd chicken out when she had to walk off the platform - NOPE! Check out Miss Thang waving from the air!!

Here's a few shots from the Alfa party Wednesday night.

Hey - there's a Cantrell on my blog :) Cuties!!
Dance, Dance girls!! Pretty sure this was to "Baby, Baby!!" Gotta love the tongue out - total concentration!

Looking for inspiration to get through this "grind" time! Seems like I usually get some spark to write, and that helps me in turn. No sparks flying now - I guess they're worn out too! I'll read all of your blogs - INSPIRE ME - PLEASE!!!

Coming up - school starts in less than 2 weeks!! Goldsmith Schiffman Elementary here we come!! SO excited for the new adventures ahead!

ALSO - Abby will be swimming in the Swim for Melissa event this year. Much more to come, but here's a link until I get the info up!