Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Concert Postponed & Additional Prayers Needed

TO ALL - The Caring for Kensley Concert scheduled for this Friday night has been postponed. The threat of wintery precipitation is just to great to risk the safety of those who would be travelling to attend.

The organizers also wanted to give consideration to Br. Darrin Isbell, his family, and those who have been helping in that situation this week after his terrible accident.

A rescheduled date will be announced as soon as possible. Please continue to pray for Kensley, and also join in praying for our dear friend Darrin - plese visit his FB page for details.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

March for Babies 2010

It's that time again!!!! March for Babies 2010 will take place at Bridge Street on Saturday, April 17th. We formed Team FAITH 2 years ago and this cause has meant so much to us!! (Read here :)) Last year, we were the NUMBER 1 Family team in online fundraising and total fundraising!!

Please visit our team page! We'd love to have you join us as a walker! We will be ordering new shirts this year, and invite everyone to join us for a celebration of life and help raise money for a very worthy cause!


As I sit here typing, the girls are playing. Don't you just LOVE to hear that??? Abby just looked at EK and said, "Ellie Kate, I LOVE YOU!". EK looked right back at her, grabbed her creeks and said, "I wuv OOOOOUUUU AB-BY!!"

Deep breath in ~sigh~ Thank you Lord!!


Deliverance was the topic of a sermon I had the pleasure of hearing just the other night. As I have thought about it over the last few days, I have come to more and more understanding about what I thought I knew about deliverance.

Our family has been delivered - delivered from a cruel world of sin, full of evil people, by claiming Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. That is the most crucial deliverance.

The next deliverance was God's mercy and compassion as He brought us through the death of our sweet Olivia and blessed us with our rainbow - Ellie Kate.

To me, that was deliverance. You struggle with a trial and the Lord graciously brings deliverance to you when He sees the time is right for His purpose. I'm coming to realize that deliverance is not a once and for all event. Just because he delivered us from a world of sin doesn't mean we don't still have to resist against those things daily. Just because he delivered us from the sorrow surrounding Olivia's death and blessed us with another healthy child doesn't mean we won't always have to depend on His comfort to shelter us when the fears start sneaking in again.

Over the last month both of the girls have struggled with sickness. It's been one after the other. Ellie Kate had tubes put in her ears after Christmas. All went well, but she still struggles with a constant congestion and lovely "Darth Vador" sounding chugginess. Abby had surgery for her second set of tubes and adenoids out in October. We hoped that was the end of her semi-sick - super snotty days. Not so fast - we've had a two week pattern of spiking super high fevers, sore throats, constant congestion, etc. since Christmas. They've both been on multiple rounds of antibiotics, been to all of their specialists, etc. All the doctors say, "Mom - it's to be expected. It's a BAD winter!" None of it has been major - just enough to make everyone not feel well and be extremely ill!!

Most Mom's would just continue to Lysol and hope for Spring. I wish I were that simple! I guess my fears of further loss are just lurking, waiting on any opportunity to overwhelm me again. I couldn't help it - this week when Abby woke up AGAIN with fever and other issues, I ran straight to the doctor and all but demanded a full body scan, blood screen whatever it would take to find what was really wrong. You moms know where I was going - surely there was something terrible lurking in her beautiful little body that was causing her to not be able to fight these germs off. Poor Dr. Laue - I know he's used to crazy moms, but he really had his hands full. He pulled up every scan, blood result, anything he could find and examined her two or three different times just to make me feel better, I think! We even made an extra trip to the ENT to make sure. (I'm pretty sure Dr. Laue called ahead and gave Dr. Castillo the heads up :)) Bottom line - she does have a long history of sinus issues, but all seems fine, and it really does seem to be just a "high viral load" in our surroundings right now.

Yesterday I was quickly browsing the blogs I keep up with and clicked on this family's blog. The Macs are a sweet little family who lost their 11 month old last year to a highly aggressive cancer they had know idea she was carrying until tests after she couldn't get over a recurrent ear infection. It was a year ago this month. Since then, the Lord has blessed them with a healthy baby boy, but they are obviously struggling with the memories of last year. I couldn't help but hurt for them. I also couldn't help but question things I cannot control nor predict.

Deliverance - I'm so glad it's not a once and for all event. I'm so glad it is always there to drag us back out, dust us off, and kick us back into action again. Please pray for the Macs - for comfort, peace and deliverance that they may honor their little girl's memory but also enjoy their new baby boy.

Boys will be Boys!

And when you have no little boys, the girls have to step in!! It's an every year tradition around our house to have a "hunting" picture. This year, we did it in my Dad's garage which he has spent lots of hours making a rustic retreat. (I have a secret suspicion it's really his glorified doghouse :))

Holiday Re-Cap (TOO Many pictures :))

Here are some pictures of various holiday events. There are pictures from the party at Abby's school, the Daisy scouts carolling at a local retirement home, and of course LOTS of family shots!! Since I'm SO behind, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! TOO MANY PICTURE WARNING!!!! This post is for the grandmothers :)

Playing Catch Up!

OK - I'm embarrassed!! Someone stopped me in Wal-Mart to tell me it wasn't Christmas any more. When I looked confused, they "gently" reminded me that my blog still thought it was!! The last 6 weeks have been a BLUR! Between the new job (which is GREAT :)), all the holiday festivities and SEVERAL trips to various doctors around town for various wintertime cooties that have invaded, the blog has been neglected! I am hoping to play catch up today, if a certain wild 13 month old will allow. Stay tuned - lots of pictures to come!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caring for Kensley Concert

On October 7th, 2009, Dustin and Melissa Kelly and their family were in a terrible accident. Through God’s mercy Dustin, Melissa and Konnor made it through the accident with minor injuries. However, as many of you are aware Kensley received severe head injuries and was in the trauma center for quite some time. With a lot of support and through many prayers, Kensley has made tremendous improvements. Nonetheless, this has brought change to their lives in many ways. Kensley is having to receive therapy several times a week, and no one really knows how long this could go on. We all know that with God, all things are possible and that is what we are leaning on.

Through the Praying for Kensley blog and FB page literally THOUSANDS have prayed for this sweet family. So many have sent messages that, even though they do not know this family personally, they have taken time to pray and send encouraging words to help lift the family's spirits.

Dustin and Melissa have always been so generous and traveled many miles to sing at funerals, weddings, and countless singings. In return, we would like to have a benefit singing for the family on January 29th, 2009. We realize many have already made contributions, which have been very much appreciated. We also realize that many of you would just like to meet Dustin, Melissa, Konnor and Kensley and see what God has done. They too would love to meet you and thank you for your prayers over the last few months. This singing will be a perfect venue to celebrate God's mercies and undeniable miracles in Kensley's life.

The singing will be Friday, January 29th from 7:00 - 10:00 PM. It will be held at New Century Technology High School. (Click here for directions.)

We look forward to seeing all of the Praying for Kensley army to thank each of you for your prayers and support. Most of all we ask that you continue to remember the Kelly family, and keep Kensley in your prayers.

Love always,

Friends and Family of Kensley Kelly