Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Today

I have much to post about and many pictures to upload, but for today, I wanted to share this video posted by radio hosts, Rick & Bubba. Most of you know that Rick and Sherri's son died tragically in a drowning accident when he was only 2. Their faith and strength during this circumstance has been amazing.

Like Job, when tragedy strikes, our commission is to praise God anyway. Guess what - that's HARD!!! I know the song we sing at church, "The Lord Giveth He Taketh Away - Blessed be the Name of the Lord", but it was a long time before I could sing that and really mean it. In fact, the Devil just wouldn't let me sing it for a long time because I really didn't know I could say that our tragedy was a blessing. Of course I knew everything was in God's plan, but praise is usually thought of in a positive sense. I used to think that praising God was for all the wonderful, happy blessings in life. Well, guess what? There is a deeper, truer praise from the heart that can praise Him for ALL blessings - even the ones that man cannot explain or understand - even the ones that grieve our hearts every minute of every day. Praising HIM even for that, knowing it is HIS plan and for our good, is nothing short of the miracle of God.

For today, praise HIM for ALL things.......great, small, happy, sad......HE controls it all.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Abby's Violin Recital

Here is Ms. Abby's violin debut. She was a pro! She had never played along with a piano which would have freaked me out, but she just jumped right in and did her best!! I think she did great since she's only been taking lessons since January!

Friday, May 14, 2010

If it CAN happen.....

It WILL happen to me - medically that is! What a week! I've been having some minor discomfort from a tooth for a couple of weeks. I went to the dentist Monday only to find out that it was a tooth I had already had tons of trouble with a year ago and had already had a root canal on (read here). Infection was setting in and the "fix" options did not sound fun, but I was supposed to take my antibiotics, a little meds if necessary and see the oral surgeon next week.

Well, a couple of new pain meds and new antibiotics later, it was WAY worse! The pain was unbearable even with BIG pain pills and one side of my face and neck were so swollen it looked like I had the mumps! The dentist said head to the ER! What???? ER - for a tooth?? Yep - they said with the infection growing so fast I needed IV antibiotics and pain meds to stop the cycle.

Well 3 hours later we were back home, and I was feeling the effects of the drugs. I think I told Stewart I was on Pluto once!! HA - no seriously, Huntsville Hospital ER has done some major revamping. We were called back quickly and taken care of and out the door before we would have even been called back before!

So, I am trying to find the right combination of pain meds that keep the pain somewhat at bay but at a level that I can still be conscious and participate in life! The swelling is going down slowly, and I meet with the surgeon Monday. I have 3 words for him - "GET IT OUT!!"

We have a singing tonight and Abby's violin recital is tomorrow - crossing my fingers I can manage them all!!

FYI - need a great dentist in the Hampton Cove area?? Go see Dr. Greg Lansdell! He is so attentive and sweet and the girls in there can't be beat!!! They have taken GREAT care of me, and Jenn was even calling Stewart last night while we were in the ER to check on me. Oh, and pick on Lisa when you get there - she'll love it!! (That one's for you Lisa - you made the blog!!!) I"ll get a picture with everyone once this is all over and post all of our smiling, pain-free faces!!!

Hoping for a great weekend with mashed potatoes and pain pills!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and a Whirlwind Weekend!

Oh me - I'm TIRED!!! Running to get ready to be gone for a week, being gone for a week, coming home to all those lovely "mommy chores" left undone for said week, and then flying into a lovely, but packed, Spring weekend have taken a toll on my energy levels!!! No worries - the upteenth load of clothes are in the washer, I've uploaded pictures (which you'll see in a bit), and the rest will have to just wait on me to get there!!

Saturday was filled with Gymfest (a "recital" of sorts for gymnastics students), a Daisy Scout "give back" project (the girls met to pick out items to donate to the babies in the NICU - a cause close to my heart), a birthday party and PROM. Yes - you read correctly - PROM. I hadn't really thought about the fact that now that Stewart is the principal at a high school this would be a mandatory event. I am WAY too old to go to prom, but felt WAY too young to be the principal's date either - HA! I mean come on - what does a very conservative, over weight 30-something wear to the prom?? Well anyway.......we had fun! We went and ate at Ruth's Chris before (yummy!) and then "supervised" the events until well into the night/morning. At one point the choice of "music" (I put it in quotes b/c I wouldn't call it music - maybe NOISE!) made both of us feel like we might have to be admitted to the cardiac unit for heart palpitations!

Sunday was a busy day filled with family! The girls had spent the night with Mom b/c of prom, so Sunday morning was just me and Stewart. He gave me the sweetest bracelet that has all 3 girls' birthstones and an engraved toggle that says, "For this child I have prayed". This is a special verse for me - it's on the wall in EK's nursery. Sure everyone prays for their children, but there's something more fervent, perhaps even desperate about the prayers from a mother who knows the reality of loss. No longer are those prayers just lines that are spoken partly out of habit, but expressions of the desires of our heart.

We took Stewart's mom and grandmother to breakfast and then went on to Scottsboro to church with my Mom. The afternoon was filled with LOTS of extended family, playing with cousins, and "straw-be-derries" in EK language!

This year I think I was too busy to stop and think about what could have been. Ever since my little break down a few weeks ago, the Lord has provided me with a simple peace. Not ever forgetting, but content with the present and thankful for each day! Simple, patient, loving, ever present - God.

I am a mother of three beautiful little girls whom God gave me to love both here and above. I am the daughter of a strong, faithful, woman who walked roads before me that have made my journey easier. She is the mother of 3 - me and two more angels who are certainly taking care of their beautiful niece, Olivia in that Heavenly place. The line of grace continues to weave through our family, but it all points to one source. We are all mothers who have been graced with mercy and wisdom from the most high. What a blessing beyond words. May we all remember the source of our love and strength and honor these women who carry the love and grace of God to share with their children and the children of others.

FYI - Stewart says he's going to post one day and surprise me. We'll see if he keeps up his end of the deal!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm in Montgomery for the week :(, BUT this makes me :). I'm shocked I have nothing else to say, but it's kind of nice to be able to sum it up with a smiley face. :)