Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank goodness for grandparents!

SLEEP!  It has been a precious commodity in short supply around our house the last couple of weeks!  Poor EK has been awake more than she's been asleep for the last 14 days.  We've been around the world trying to pin it down.  We've thought everything from teeth, a weird rash virus, just plain spoiled rotten - you name it!!  The poor baby does have an ear infection, so she is battling that, but I'm afraid what started as an "I don't feel good" sleeping pattern has turned into a "Hey, if I cry, someone will come rock me and give me a bottle!"  Seriously - she drinks all the time!  I say drinks because this kid HATES baby food!!!  I am struggling with this one!  Anyone have any advice?  Abby was so easy in the eating a sleeping department!  

Anyway, our wonderful parents split Friday and Saturday night and took EK home with them so Stewart and I could get some sleep!  Somehow, I believe the experts that you can't catch up on sleep, but I do feel better than the days I went to work after wrestling for hours and only getting 2 hours of sleep!

I have much to tell, but I am too sleepy right now to communicate!  More soon!  Stewart is going out of town for a few days this week for a conference, and then he and I are going away this weekend - just the two of us!!!  Our entire itinerary consists of sleeping and eating - HA!

Hope everyone has a good week!  As soon as I have an awake brain cell, I will post pictures!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are still here!

I know, I know!!! I haven't posted in FOREVER!! It's bad when you see people and instead of asking how you are, they complain because you haven't updated the blog!! Stewart has been working 12-14 hour days in his new position, all while I have needed to work 10-12 hours at my own job! This time of year is CRAZY for educators!! Thank goodness for grandparents who have come to our rescue!!

I have LOTS to update you on, but here are a few teasers. More to come!!!

Abby went to dance camp......

Had friends over for a princess party......

While Ellie Kate and her friend looked on :).........

Had a "We're Going to Kindergarten Brunch" with her cousin Dacy and family...

While EK looked on :),........
Ended that day at the bungee thing at the Mall because you have to be in Kindergarten to jump (a Mommy distraction which will no longer hold water!) Notice she is wearing her new school shirt for the occasion!
And yes - we did it - we started Kindergarten!!! SO much more on that later!! Tears, tears, and more tears - FROM ME! Abby is a PRO!
Meanwhile, not to be outdone, EK decided she would STAND UP!!
WAY too much growing up going on at the Thorson's right now!!! Much more to come!