Sunday, June 5, 2011

Piano Recital

Abby had her first piano recital yesterday. She did such a GREAT job and we are SO proud that she loves it! She has an awesome teaching team. If you need a recommendation, let me know. They are the BEST!

Here are a few pictures and even a short video shot by her teacher. Way to go Abby!

Practicing at home before we left

The BEST piano teaching team :)

Daddy & EK

So proud of her :)

Flowers after the performance.

And a trophy for her hard work!


Anonymous said...

Okay Abby, I like you kid but surely you're not trying to get my job, right?!?!?! I mean me and pa-paw are tight and I'd hate to down an ole man!!! JK! I wouldn't ever think of it! Stay with it and keep up the good work and I will gladly turn it over to you whenever you're ready! And hurry up! Pa-paw's waiting!!! :)

Lacey MaRanda said...

Great Job Abby!!!!!!!!! She is so stinkin' cute and talented